Buy Used 1000 gallons Propane Gas Tanks Online DOT and ASME Standard


Buy Used 1000 Gallon Propane Gas Tanks Online

DOT & ASME Steel Cylinders

1000 Gallon Propane Gas Tanks For Sale

Buy ASME and DOT  approved gas tanks online. Both underground and above ground gas tanks available, Used 1000 gallon propane gas tanks for sale online. For both residential and industrial purposes.

Buy Used 1000 Gallon Propane Gas Tanks Online

Used 1000 Above Ground Propane Gas tanks

Used 1000 Underground Propane Gas tanks

Off Coast Propane Gas Tanks is more than a propane tank supplier. We are your partner in powering the success of your business and home.

Above Ground Propane Tanks | Under Ground Propane Gas Tanks | Ferrellgas | Fuel Life Simply

The size and type of tank you select depends on the size of your home, how much power you need to generate for your connected appliances, and winter heating needs. Climate and terrain may also influence your choice of an underground or above-ground tank. Above-ground tanks are exactly that: the propane cylinder is typically installed in your backyard. While they are often more convenient to maintain and less expensive to install, above-ground tanks are not always the best fit for every property or homeowner. Another option is an underground tank; these are specially designed to stay buried in your yard. You’ll benefit from a better propane price per gallon when you own your own tank, plus propane is typically less expensive than gas.

Owning your own propane tank has several advantages, the greatest being the freedom to shop around for the best propane prices and services.
To own your own tank, it is critical to have the tank installed in a safe way that follows all codes and regulations.
Affordable Tank Services gives you peace of mind knowing that your propane tank and connections are installed safely, properly, and with quality workmanship. GET QUOTE NOW

Buy 1000 Gallons Propane Tank

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used 1000 gallons propane gas tanks
Fairly used quality 1000 gallon propane gas tanks

Buy Used 1000 Gallon Propane Tanks Online Best ASME & DOT With Delivery – 1000 Gallon Propane Tanks For Sale

In stock Brand: Off Coast Propane Depot
Buy Used 1000 Gallon Propane Tanks Online.

Buy Used 1000 Gallon Propane Gas Tanks Online

Used 1000 gallon Propane Gas Tank

DOT & ASME Steel Cylinders

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How Can Someone Get Rid of Old Propane Tanks?
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What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?
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Buy 120 Gallon Propane gas tanks online


Propane tanks are environmentally friendly, require little maintenance, and can last up to 40 years.
Because propane is a non-toxic fuel that doesn’t contaminate aquifers or soil, large tanks can be safely buried underground.
Fuel comes from the tank as a vapor, not a liquid
Don’t want to pay the money up front for a new tank? Foster Fuels has a program just for you. Underground or above ground, with our tank rental program, Foster Fuels takes care of you. You get smaller payments and Foster Fuels gets all the responsibility. We take care of the tank, inspect it, fill it, and you have one less thing to worry about! Learn More >>

When shopping for your home or business, the right choice of propane tank is essential. Foster Fuels, Inc. has commercial and residential propane tanks for sale in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every client:

120 Gallon
325/500 Gallon
1000 Gallon
10,000+ Gallon
120 Gallon Propane Tanks For Sale
Vertical or Horizontal: the 120 gallon model is ideal for providing fuel in homes with one or two propane appliances. Measuring just 4’ 6” tall and 30” in diameter when upright, this space-saving unit is an unobtrusive addition to any residential property.

Off coast Propane Depot, provides installation and setup of aboveground and underground fuel tanks to clients throughout Virginia and North Carolina. If you’re installing your purchase in a new propane system, we can run fuel lines and ensure everything is set up as efficiently as possible. We can also provide purity testing and other ongoing maintenance.

Do you think that you burn too much gas? Do you think you smell propane? If so, the safety of your family may be at risk. As your trusted propane supplier, Off coast Propane Depot offers GAS CheckTM by our certified technicians.

GASCheckTM includes:

Tank inspection
System leak inspection
Regulator inspection
Customer awareness info
Odor testing
Pressure testing
Appliance inspection
Venting inspection
Call us today for more information or to schedule a GASCheckTM.

If you’re looking to replace an aging propane tank, Off coast Propane Depot, makes it easy with convenient financing options. Lease or purchase our propane tanks outright — we can match you with the best option for your budget.

For detailed specifics about any of our commercial or residential propane tanks for sale, call Foster Fuels, Inc. directly. We have many flexible Payment Plans to fit you and your life.

Calculate your propane tank’s estimated run time by inputting the BTU of your burner and the size of your tank in pounds. Please note, this is only an estimate.


Home Heating
There are multiple reasons why more and more homes are switching to propane heating. If you’re considering upgrading your furnace and have been wondering about the benefits of propane, consider the following:

Propane is a readily available, economic choice for home heating. Residential propane prices are consistently lower than fuel oil and less prone to fluctuation over time.
Propane is a clean-burning product listed by the Clean Air Act as a viable alternative fuel source. Propane produces fewer emissions than other petroleum-derived products, which contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
90% of propane sold in the U.S. is produced domestically, making it an important choice for anyone concerned about energy independence. This also means the price of propane is not affected by international events.
Many appliances can be powered by propane, too. It is estimated that switching an electric stove, water heater or fireplace for a propane-powered unit can save you up to 50% on your electricity bills!

Can last up to 20 years (that is about 10 years longer than comparable electric units)
Have short running intervals, which minimize costs
Emit 69% less GHG than electric furnaces
Emit 64% less GHG than electric baseboard heaters
Emit 37% less GHG than oil furnaces
Are available with efficiency ratings of 95% or higher
Are available in various shapes and sizes
Have lower carbon dioxide emissions than electric
Have equivalent carbon dioxide emissions to natural gas
Generate hotter air, up to 25° F warmer air at discharge registers, than electric furnaces

About 60% of home grillers use propane gas grills
Propane releases less Carbon Monoxide and soot
Can be run on a separate tank or on the home’s main tank

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Tank Type

Above Ground propane Tank, Under Ground Propane Tank

Tank Sizes

1000 Gallons Propane Tank


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